The evolution of getting smashed - Sweetly Smashed



Cherie Allen, chocolate lover, gym junkie, devoted mother, honest friend, female empowerer and creator of sweet pretty things, is adept at overcoming unexpected heat waves, last minute changes, unsolicited pre-consumption of raw materials and general exhaustion to bring you some of the most original, awe inspiring sweet creations for your next celebration, whatever it may be. 


Not only are her creations beautiful and edible, they satisfy the deep urge in all of us to smash! All ego from the designer is left behind as she not only implores you to destroy her heavenly creations, she also supplies you with the hammer in which to do it! 

These offerings are of the highest order. Love, time, focus, and energy are melted and poured into each design with the full knowledge that it will be smashed and devoured by its new owner!

Each creation is a gift in its own right, stuffed full of colourful treats such as M&Ms, Maltesers, Snakes, Jellies, Freckles, Smarties, Chuppa Chups, Lindt Balls, and Ferrero Rochers. 

The magnificent chocolate shell is moulded from only the finest compounded chocolate - hence the unsolicited pre-consumption of raw materials issue. 

Opening this gift has never been so sweet, and the entire process brings everyone together. Everyone is a part of the smashing ceremony regardless of who holds the hammer! 



A craft that was born from necessity (her children don't like cake!) has become a flourishing business aptly named


Sweetly Smashed